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Vacant position: Associate professor in computational matematics with focus on numerical methods and algorithms

Lagt online: 25.03.2020

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences, a position as Associate Professor in computational mathematics with focus on numerical methods and algorithms is open for appointment from 1st of July 2020 or soon hereafter. The position will be located at Aalborg University’s campus in Copenhagen. The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosts three mathematics programmes: mathematics including statistics at the master level, mathematics-economics, and mathematics-technology. The department teaches and develops courses in mathematics and statistics for multiple study programmes at Aalborg University. Research activities at the department include mathematics-economics (mathematical finance and econometrics), statistics (spatial statistics, simulation based inference, statistical computing and statistics in forensic genetics, applied mathematical analysis (mathematical physics, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and approximation theory), coding theory, cryptography and topology.


Research: The successful candidate will have strong research qualifications within applied mathematics in a broad sense and will have a proven record of accomplishment within numerical methods and algorithms, e.g. within computational methods for engineering applications. The candidate will continue developing these qualifications. The department is increasing its focus on research with an applied and a strategic perspective, and the successful candidate must have a genuine interest in pursuing this objective further.

Teaching: The successful candidate will have teaching duties in the mathematics programmes (which comprise mathematics/statistics, mathematics-economics, and mathematics-technology). The successful candidate will also have teaching duties at other programmes at the university. Therefore, the ability to cooperate with study programmes in e.g. Engineering and Social Sciences and to communicate mathematical topics to non-mathematicians is essential. Aalborg University has three campuses (in Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Aalborg) and teaching duties can be at all campuses. The majority of the teaching will be conducted in Danish.

Funding and external collaboration: The successful candidate will engage in acquiring external funding for research. This will happen in collaboration with colleagues from the mathematics department and from other departments at Aalborg University. This includes funding for theoretical research, as well as funding for more applied and strategic research activities. The successful candidate will have a genuine interest in seeking inspiration from and assist in bringing mathematical disciplines into applications in other sciences, in industry and in the surrounding society.

Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate scientific production and originality within numerical methods and algorithms and who can demonstrate the ability to procure external funding. The ability to contribute to the development of external cooperation, and a strong track record in securing external funding, will also be taken into account. In addition, the applicant is expected to have the qualifications required for undertaking teaching responsibilities and excellent interpersonal skills. Special contributions to the development of educational and teaching related activities will be considered in the overall assessment.

You may obtain further information from Head of Department Søren Højsgaard, phone: +45 9940 8801, e-mail: sorenh@math.aau.dk

Qualification requirements: 

The level of qualification for Associate Professors shall correspond to the level, which can be achieved on the basis of the appointment as Assistant Professor, but may be achievable in other ways. The appointment presupposes that the applicant can demonstrate original scientific production at an international level as well as documented teaching qualifications. Appointment to the position requires that both research and teaching qualifications are at the requested level. The two qualifications will be given equal and principal priority in the overall assessment.

The application must contain the following:

  • A motivated text wherein the reasons for applying, qualifications in relation to the position, and intentions and visions for the position are stated.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Copies of relevant diplomas (Master of Science and PhD). On request you could be asked for an official English translation.
  • Scientific qualifications. A complete list of publications must be attached with an indication of the works the applicant wishes to be considered. You may attach up to 10 publications.
  • Teaching qualifications described in the teaching portfolio.  If this is not enclosed the applicant must include an explanation for its absence.
  • Dissemination qualifications, including participation on committees or boards, participation in organisations and the like.
  • Additional qualifications in relation to the position.
  • References/recommendations.
  • Personal data.

The applications are only to be submitted online by using the "Apply online" button below. An assessment committee will assess all candidates.

AAU wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background or belief.

For further information concerning the application procedure please contact HR-Partner Lise Søndergård Jacobsen by mail est-ef-hr@adm.aau.dk or phone (+45) 9940 9567.

Information regarding guidelines, ministerial circular in force, teaching portfolio and procedures can be seen here: 


Employment is in accordance with the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities (the Appointment Order) and the Ministry of Finance's current Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities. Employment and salary are in accordance with the collective agreement for state-employed academics.




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