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Tiltrædelsesforelæsning for adjungeret professor Niels Morling


12.12.2018 kl. 11.00 - 12.00


Forensic Genetic Statistics

The use of genetic investigations in forensics makes it necessary to estimate the weight of the evidence of the genetic investigations in order to give the users, including especially the justiciary, a possibility to use the results in a correct and fair way.

Examples of interpretation of forensic evidence in ancient Greece and China will be presented as well as the development of modern forensic genetics from the year 1900, when the ABO blood group system was detected and the modern statistical methods for evaluation of the weight of forensic genetic evidence were developed.

The presentation will give an overview of the genetic and statistical methods that were developed and used in the past, the statistical achievements concerning interpretation of complicated DNA-results of forensic genetic investigations in crime cases that have been reached during the collaboration between the research groups at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University and the Section of Forensic Genetics, Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, the present work, and the future challenges.


Institut for Matematiske Fag


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