Research reports

Research reports 1997-1999

R-97-2001 Søren Lundbye-Christensen et al., A state space model for multivariate longitudinal count data.

R-97-2002 Lars D. Andersen and P.D. Vestergaard, Graphs with all spanning trees nonisomorphic. Published in Discrete Mathematics 155, pp. 3-12, (1996)

R-97-2003 Jesper Møller, Anne Randi Syversveen and Rasmus Plenge Waagepetersen, Log Gaussian Cox processes: A statistical model for analyzing stand structural heterogeneity in forestry

R-97-2004 Søren Asmussen and Bjarne Højgaard, Approximations for finite horizon ruin probabilities in the renewal model

R-97-2005 Iben Christiansen, The Effect of Social Organization on Modelling Activities

R-97-2006 Jesper Møller, Perfect Simulation of Conditionally Specified Models
To appear in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 1999.

R-97-2007 Dennis Nilsson and Finn V. Jensen, Probabilities of Future Decisions.

R-97-2008 Rafael José Iorio, On Kato's Theory of Quasilinear Equations

R-97-2009 Jesper Møller, Review on Probabilistic Models and Results for Voronoi Tessellations

R-97-2010 Martin Raußen, Cyclic group actions on manifolds from deformations of rational homotopy types.

R-97-2011 Arne Jensen, Space-time scattering for the Schrödinger equation

R-97-2012 Bo Hove, Generalized Lee-Weights for codes over Z4. Extended abstract

R-98-2001 Leif K. Jørgensen, Vertex partitions of K4,4-minor free graphs

R-98-2002 Martin B. Hansen, Adrian Baddeley, Richard D. Gill, First Contact Distributions for Spatial Patterns: Regularity and Estimation

R-98-2003 Søren Asmussen, Bjarne Højgaard, Michael Taksar, Optimal Risk Control and Dividend Distribution Policies. Example of Excess-of Loss Reinsurance for an Insurance Corporation

R-98-2004 Jesper Møller and Katja Schladitz, Extensions of Fill's algorithm for perfect simulation

R-98-2005 Bent Jørgensen and Steffen L. Lauritzen, Multivariate Dispersion Models

R-98-2006 Michael Brandt-Lassen, E. Susanne Christensen, Ulf Leth-Dahl, Søren Lundbye-Christensen, Georg Sölétormos, and Per Winkel, A Dynamic Multiprocess Model in Cancer Surveillance

R-98-2007 Svend Berntsen and Michel Vedel Howard, Absorbing Boundary Conditions

R-98-2008 Bjarne Højgaard and Michael Taksar, Controlling Risk Exposure and Dividends Pay-out Schemes: Insurance Company Example

R-98-2009 Steffen Lauritzen, Generating Mixed Hierarchical Interaction Models by Selection

R-98-2010 Jon Johnsen, On spectral properties of Witten-Laplacians, their range and Brascamp-Lieb's inequality

R-98-2011 Jerzy Topp and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Interpolation Theorems for Domination Numbers of a Graph

R-98-2012 Anders Brix and Jesper Møller, Space-Time Multi Type Log Gaussian Cox Processes With a View to Modeling Weed Data

R-98-2013 Ulf G. Rønnow, Optimizing parameter estimates by graphic computing

R-98-2014 Bo Hove and Christian Thommesen, A Gilbert-Varshamov type bound for linear codes over Galois rings

R-98-2015 Martin B. Hansen and Steffen L. Lauritzen, Nonparametric Bayes inference for concave distribution functions

R-98-2016 Tor Helleseth, Bo Hove and Kyeongcheol Yang, Further results on generalized Hamming weights for Goethals and Preparata codes over Z4

R-98-2017 Arne Jensen, On the scattering operator for the Schrödinger equation with a time-dependent potential

R-98-2018 Lionel Slammert, Differentiating bifurcation arcs which correspond to rational rotation numbers in Arnol'd Tongues

R-98-2019 Adrian Baddeley, Jesper Møller and Rasmus Waagepetersen, Non- and semi-parametic estimation of interaction in inhomogeneous point patterns

R-98-2020 Lionel Slammert, Limit differentiability properties of rational arcs in Arnol'd Tongues

R-98-2021 Lionel Slammert, C1 smoothness of Liouville arcs in Arnol'd Tongues

R-99-2001 Wilfrid S. Kendall and Jesper Møller, Perfect Metropolis-Hastings simulation of locally stable point processes.

R-99-2002 S. Mase, J. Møller, D. Stoyan, R. P. Waagepetersen, and G. Döge, Packing densities and simulated tempering for hard core Gibbs point processes.

R-99-2003 W. Farkas, J. Johnsen, and W. Sickel, Traces of anisotropic Besov-Lizorkin-Triebel spaces - a complete treatment of the borderline cases.

R-99-2004 Kim E. Andersen and Martin B. Hansen, Multiplicative censoring: density estimation by a series expansion approach.

R-99-2005 Michael Melgaard, Spectral properties in the low-energy limit of the one-dimensional Schrödinger operators.

R-99-2006 Michael Melgaard, Spectral properties in the low-energy limit of one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with non-local potentials.

R-99-2007 Michael Melgaard, Low-energy scattering for a two-channannel Hamiltonian.

R-99-2008 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Eric Goubault and Martin Raussen, Algebraic Topology and concurrency.

R-99-2009 Leif K. Jørgensen, Directed strongly regular graphs with $\mu = \lambda

R-99-2010 Bo Hove, On optimal subcodes of Kerdock, Preparata and Goethals codes.

R-99-2011 Jesper Møller and Geoff K. Nichols, Perfect simulation for sample-based inference.

R-99-2012 David Cariolaro, On the Ramsey number R(3,6).

R-99-2013 Lionel Slammert, Cr smoothness of bifurcation arcs in two parameter families of circle diffeomorphisms.

R-99-2014 Steffen L. Lauritzen and Frank Jensen, Stable local computation with conditional Gaussian distributions.

R-99-2015 David Edwards and Steffen L. Lauritzen, The ME algorithm for maximizing a conditional likelihood function.

R-99-2016 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Search for directed strongly regular graphs.

R-99-2017 Bjarne Højgaard and Michael Taksar, Optimal risk control for a large corporation in the presence of returns on investments.

R-99-2018 P. Svante Eriksen, Context specific interaction models.

R-99-2019 Bert Randerath and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, A note on well-covered graphs with odd girth.

R-99-2020 A. Mira, J. Møller and G. O. Roberts, Perfect slice samplers.

R-99-2021 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Causal inference from graphical models.

R-99-2022 Dennis Nilsson and Jacob Goldberger, An efficient algorithm for sequentially finding the N-best list.

R-99-2023 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Loops, ditopology and deadlocks.

R-99-2024 Steffen L. Lauritzen and Dennis Nilsson, LIMIDs of decision problems.

R-99-2025 Martin Raussen, On the classification of dipaths in geometric models for concurrency.

Research reports 2000-2005

R-00-2001 Arne Jensen and Michael Melgaard, Perturbation of eigenvalues embedded at a threshold.
R-00-2002 Martin Bøgsted Hansen and Erik W. van Zwet, Nonparametric estimation of the chord length distribution.
R-00-2003 Gunter Döge, Klaus Mecke, Jesper Møller, Dietrich Stoyan, Rasmus Waagepetersen, Grand Canonical Simulations of Hard-Disk Systems by Simulated Tempering.

R-00-2004 Kim Knudsen, On a local uniqueness result for the inverse Sturm-Liouville problem.
R-00-2005 Jerzy Topp and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, $\alpha_k$- and $\gamma_k$-stable graphs. Published in Discrete Mathematics 212 (2000) 149-160.

R-00-2006 Rasmus Waagepetersen and Daniel Sorensen, A tutorial on Reversible Jump MCMC with a view toward applications in QTL-mapping.

R-00-2007 Martin B. Hansen, Jesper Møller, Frede Aa. Tøgersen, Bayesian contour detection in a time series of ultrasound images through dynamic deformable template models.

R-00-2008 Bjarne Højgaard, Optimal dynamic premium control in non-life insurance. Maximizing dividend pay-outs.

R-00-2009 O. F. Christensen, J. Møller and R. P. Waagepetersen, Analysis of spatial data using generalized linear mixed models and Langevin-type Markov chain Monte Carlo.
R-00-2010 O. F. Christensen, J. Møller and R. P. Waagepetersen, Geometric ergodicity of Metropolis-Hastings algorithms for conditional simulation in generalised linear mixed models.

R-00-2011 Bjarne Højgaard and Michael Taksar, Optimal dynamic portfolio selection for a corporation with controllable risk and dividend distribution policy.

R-00-2012 Olav Geil, Codes Based on an $\mathbb{F}_q$-Algebra. Order Domains and their Application in Coding Theory. The Generalized Hamming Weights of the Dual of an Evaluation Code. Part one  Part two  Part three 
R-00-2013 Olav Geil, On the construction of codes from order domains.

R-00-2014 Malene Højbjerre, Profile Likelihood in Directed Graphical Models from BUGS output.

R-00-2015 Arne Jensen and Gheorghe Nenciu, A unified approach to resolvent expansions at thresholds.
R-00-2016 Jesper Møller, A review on perfect simulation in stochastic geometry.

R-00-2017 Philippe Briet and Horia D. Cornean, Locating the spectrum for magnetic Dirac and Schrödinger operators.

R-00-2018 Ingrid Beltita and Horia D. Cornean, On a theorem of Arne Persson.

R-00-2019 Kim E. Andersen, Stephen P. Brooks and Martin B. Hansen, A Bayesian approach to crack detection in electrically conducting media.

R-00-2020 Ulf Rønnow, Computeralgebraisk understøttet matematikundervisning på Basisuddannelsen: Et undervisningsprojekt.

R-00-2021 Martin Raussen, Symmetries on manifolds, deformations and rational homotopy: A survey.

R-00-2022 Søren L. Buhl, E. Susanne Christensen, Project-Organised Teaching in Mathematics. The Aalborg Way.

R-00-2023 Ulf Rønnow, Om den samfundsmæssige prægning af matematikken - et matematiksociologisk essay.

R-00-2024 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Non-existence of directed strongly regular graphs.

R-00-2025 Bo Hove, Christian Thommesen, On Gilbert-Varshamov type bounds for $Z_2k$-linear codes.

R-00-2026 Ole F. Christensen, Peter J. Diggle, Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr., Analysing positive-valued spatial data: the transformed Gaussian model. To appear in GeoENV III - Geostatistics for environmental applications, Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics, Kluwer Series.

R-00-2027 Martin Raussen, Normal curvature revisited.
R-00-2028 Zsolt Tuza, Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Domination in partitioned graphs.

R-01-2001 Jesper Møller, A comparison of spatial point process models in epidemiological applications.

R-01-2002 Jesper Møller, Øivind Skare, Bayesian image analysis with coloured Voronoi tessellations and a view to applications in reservoir modelling.

R-01-2003 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Thomas S. Richardson, Chain graph models and their causal interpretations.

R-01-2004 Torben Maack Bisgaard, Horia Cornean, Nonexistence in general of a definitizing ideal of the desired codimension.

R-01-2005 Svend Berntsen, Horia Cornean, Steen Møller, Wave number reconstruction from boundary values of the scattered field for the acoustic problem.

R-01-2006 Jon Johnsen, Parametrices and Lp-theory of semi-linear boundary problems.

R-01-2007 Bert L. Hartnell, Preben D. Vestergaard, Dominating sets with at most k components.

R-01-2008 Kasper K. Berthelsen, Jesper Møller, Spatial jump processes and perfect simulation.

R-01-2009 Kasper K. Berthelsen, Jesper Møller, Perfect simulation and inference for spatial point processes.
R-01-2010 Meikia Kouider, Preben D. Vestergaard, Even (2,b)-factors in graphs.

R-01-2011 Svend Berntsen, Steen Møller, Generalized Fourier Transforms Classes.

R-01-2012 Lasse Borup, Morten Nielsen, Nonseparable Wavelet Packets.

R-01-2013 Lasse Borup, Morten Nielsen, Fast Adaptive Expansions in Local Trigonometric Bases.

R-01-2014 Lasse Borup, Morten Nielsen, Approximation with Brushlet Systems.

R-01-2015 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Some Modern Applications of Graphical Models.

R-01-2016 Kim E. Andersen, Stephen P. Brooks, Martin B. Hansen, Bayesian inversion of geoelectrical resistivity data.
R-01-2017 Ole F. Christensen, Monte Carlo maximum likelihood in model-based geostatistics.

R-01-2018 Malene Højbjerre, Familial Tendency to Foetal Loss Analysed with Directed Graphical Models by MCMC Profile Log-likelihood

R-01-2019 Jesper Møller, Rasmus Waagepetersen, Simulation-based Inference for Spatial Point Processes.

R-01-2020 Olav Geil, Gröbner Basis Theoretically Based Evaluation  Codes That Turns Out To Be Improved Geometric Goppa Codes

R-01-2021 Martin Raussen, Topological antidotes to the state space explosion problem

R-01-2022 Søren Fournais, Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, The electron density is smooth away from the nuclei

R-01-2023 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Dicovering spaces
R-01-2024 Jesper Møller, Rasmus P. Waagepetersen, Statistical inference for Cox processes

R-01-2025 Martin Raussen, State spaces and dipaths up to dihomotopy

R-01-2026 Kasper K. Berthelsen, Jesper Møller, A primer on perfect simulation for spatial point processes

R-01-2027 Mogens Bladt, Antonio Gonzalez, Steffen L. Lauritzen, The estimation of phase-type related functionals sing Markov chain Monte Carlo methods.

R-01-2028 Arne Jensen, On perturbation of eigenvalues embedded at thresholds in a two channel model.

R-01-2029 Arne Jensen, Kenji Yajima,  A remark on Lp-boundedness of wave operators for two dimensional Schrödinger operators.

R-01-2030 Malene Højbjerre, Comparison of four screening methods for cervical cancer analysed with directed graphical models by Gibbs sampling.

R-02-2001 Viktor Benes, Karel Bodlák, Jesper Møller, Rasmus Waagepetersen, Bayesian analysis of log Gaussian Cox processes for disease mapping.
R-02-2002 Horia Cornean, Kim Knudsen, Local uniqueness, stability and reconstruction from two boundary measurements.

R-02-2003 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Julia Mortera, Bounding the number of contributors to mixed DNA stains.

R-02-2004 Frede Aakmann Tøgersen, Rasmus Waagepetersen, Statistical modelling and deconvolution of yield meter data.

R-02-2005 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Rasch models with exchangeable rows and columns

R-02-2006 J. Mortera, A. P. Dawid, S. L. Lauritzen, Probabilistic expert systems for DNA mixture profiling

R-02-2007 Thomas H. Scheike, Torben Martinussen, On estimation and tests of time-varying effects in the proportional hazards model

R-02-2008 Thomas H. Scheike, Torben Martinussen, Nonparametric and semiparametric dynamic additive regression models

R-02-2009 Jesper Møller, Shot noise Cox processes

R-02-2010 S. Fournais, M. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T. Østergaard Sørensen, On the regularity of the density of electronic wavefunctions

R-02-2011 Bert Randerath, Preben Dahl Vestergaard, On well-covered graphs of odd girth 7 or greater

R-02-2012 Paul G. Blackwell, Jesper Møller, Bayesian analysis of deformed tessellation models

R-02-2013 Rémi Gribonval, Morten Nielsen, On approximation with spline generated framelets
R-02-2014 Horia Cornean, Magnetic response in ideal quantum gases: the thermodynamic limit

R-02-2015 Horia Cornean, Ira Herbst, Erik Skibsted, Spiraling attractors and quantum dynamics for a class of long-range magnetic fields

R-02-2016 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Mikhail Klin, Switching of edges in strongly regular graphs. I. A family of partial difference sets on 100 vertices

R-02-2017 Bert Randerath, Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Well-covered graphs and factors

R-02-2018 Rémi Gribonval, Morten Nielsen, Nonlinear approximation with dictionaries. I. Direct estimates

R-02-2019 Rémi Gribonval, Morten Nielsen, Nonlinear approximation with dictionaries. II. Inverse estimates

R-02-2020 Steffen L. Lauritzen, Nuala A. Sheehan, Graphical models for genetic analysis
R-02-2021 S. Fournais, M. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T. Østergaard Sørensen, Analyticity of the density of electronic wavefunctions

R-02-2022 A. Galtbayar, A. Jensen, K. Yajima, The Nelson model with less than two photons

R-02-2023 A. Galtbayar, A. Jensen, K. Yajima, Local time-decay of solutions to Schrödinger equations with time-periodic potentials

R-02-2024 Rasmus Waagepetersen, Convergence of posteriors for discretized log Gaussian Cox processes
R-02-2025 Daniel Sorensen, Rasmus Waagepetersen, Normal linear models with genetically structured residual variance heterogeneity: A case study of litter size in pigs

R-02-2026 L.D. Andersen, C.A. Rodger, Decompositions of complete graphs: embedding partial edge-colourings and the method of amalgamations

R-2003-01 Kim Knudsen, A new direct method for reconstructing isotropic conductivities in the plane.
R-2003-02 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Éric Goubault, Emmanuel Haauourt and Martin Raussen, Components of the fundamental category
R-2003-03 Susanne G. Bøttcher and Claus Dethlefsen, DEAL: A package for learning Bayesian networks
R-2003-04 Kim Knudsen and Alexandru Tamasan, Reconstruction of less regular conductivities in the plane
R-2003-05 Lasse Borup, Rémi Gribonval and Morten Nielsen, Tight wavelet frames in Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces
R-2003-06 Kim E. Andersen, Stephen P. Brooks and Malene Højbjerre, Bayesian model discrimination for inverse problems
R-2003-07 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, Some remarks on shrinkage operators
R-2003-08 Svend Berntsen, Inverse acoustic wave equation
R-2003-09 Rémi Gribonval and Morten Nielsen, On the quasi-greedy property and uniformly bounded orthonormal systems
R-2003-10 Morten Nielsen, Nonseparable Walsh-type functions on Rd
R-2003-11 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, Nonlinear approximation in
α-modulation spaces
R-2003-12 Lasse Borup, Pseudodifferential operators on α-modulation spaces
R-2003-13 Kim Knudsen, Jennifer Mueller and Samuli Siltanen, Numerical solution method for the dbar-equation in the plane
R-2003-14 Lasse Borup, Brushlet characterization of the Hardy space H1(
R) and the space BMO
R-2003-15 Ph. Briet, H.D. Cornean and V.A. Zagrebnov, Do bosons condense in a homogeneous field?
R-2003-16 R. Gribonval and M. Nielsen, Highly sparse representations from dictionaries are unique and independent of the sparseness measure

R-2003-17 Bert Hartnell and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Partitions and domination in a graph

R-2003-18 Lasse Borup, Rémi Gribonval and Morten Nielsen, Bi-framelet systems with few vanishing moments characterize Besov spaces.    
R-2003-19 Rémi Gribonval and Morten Nielsen, On a problem of Gröchenig about nonlinear approximation with localized frames

R-2003-20 M. Kouider and P.D. Vestergaard, Even [a,b]-factors in graphs

R-2003-21 M. Kouider and P.D. Vestergaard, Generalized connected domination in graphs
R-2003-22 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Dipaths and dihomotopies in a cubical complex
R-2003-23 Bo Hove and Christian Thommesen, On lower existence bounds for the asymptotic parameters of $Z_2^l$-linear codes
R-2003-24 Arne Jensen, An animated introduction to the discrete wavelet transform. Lecture Notes.  Only available electronically - no printed version.

R-2003-25 Kim Emil Andersen og Malene Højbjerre, A population based Bayesian approach to the minimal model of glucose and insulin homeostasis

R-2004-01 Søren Fournais, Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof and Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, Sharp regularity results for many-electron wave functions

R-2004-02 Jesper Møller, Anthony N. Pettitt, Kasper K. Berthelsen and Robert W. Reeves, An efficient Markov chain Monte Carlo method for distributions with intractable normalising constants

R-2004-03 A. Galtbayar, A. Jensen and K. Yajima, Some recent results on Schrödinger equations with time-periodic potentials.

R-2004-04 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, On approximation with wave packets generated from a refinable function.

R-2004-05 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, Nonlinear approximation with general wave packets.

R-2004-06 Martin Bøgsted Hansen, A processor sharing model for wireless data communication

R-2004-07 Jesper Møller and Giovanni Luca Torrisi, Generalised shot noise Cox processes

R-2004-08 Ph. Briet, H.D. Cornean and D. Louis, Generalized susceptibilities for a perfect quantum gas

R-2004-09 H.D. Cornean, P. Duclos and T.G. Pedersen, One dimensional models of excitons in carbon nanotubes

R-2004-10 H.D. Cornean, A. Jensen and V. Moldoveanu, A rigorous proof for the Landauer-Büttiker formula

R-2004-11 Michael A. Henning and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Domination in partitioned graphs with minimum degree two

R-2004-12 Claus Dethlefsen, Analysis of spatial count data using Kalman smoothing

R-2004-13 Jon Johnsen, Domains of pseudo-differential operators: a case for the Triebel-Lizorkin spaces

R-2004-14 Susanne G. Bøttcher and Claus Dethlefsen, Prediction of the insulin sensitivity index using Bayesian network

R-2004-15 Kim E. Andersen, Stephen P. Brooks and Malene Højbjerre, Bayesian model discrimination for glucose-insulin homeostasis

R-2004-16 Arne Jensen and Gheorghe Nenciu, Addendum to the paper: "A unified approach to resolvent expansions at thresholds".

R-2004-17 Henning E. Andersen and Olav Geil, The Missing Evaluation Codes from Order Domain Theory

R-2004-18 Jesper Møller and Jakob G. Rasmussen, Perfect simulation of Hawkes processes

R-2004-19 Søren Højsgaard and Claus Dethlefsen, The gRbase Package for Graphical Modelling in

R-2004-20 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, On the equivalence of brushlet and wavelet bases

R-2004-21 Arne Jensen and M. Krishna, New criteria to identify spectrum

R-2004-22 Horia Cornean and Kim Knudsen, Reconstruction from one boundary measurement of a potential homogeneous of degree zero

R-2004-23 Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, The large - Z behaviour of pseudo-relativistic atoms

R-2004-24 Morten Nielsen, On polynomial symbols for subdivision schemes

R-2004-25 Kasper K. Berthelsen and Jesper Møller, Bayesian Analysis of Markov point processes

R-2004-26 Horia Cornean, Kim Knudsen and Samuli Siltanen, Towards a d-bar reconstruction method for three-dimensional EIT

R-2004-27 Kim E. Andersen and Malene Højbjerre, Reconstruction of the insulin secretion rate by Bayesian deconvolution

R-2004-28 Jesper Møller and Jakob Gulddahl Rasmussen, Approximate simulation of Hawkes processes

R-2004-29 Rasmus Waagepetersen and Tore Schweder, Likelihood-based inference for clustered line transect data

R-2004-30 Jon Johnsen, Parametrices and exact paralinearisation of semi-linear boundary problems

R-2004-31 Lisbeth Fajstrup, Cubical local partial orders on cubically subdivided spaces - existence and construction

R-2004-32 Anders Sune Pedersen and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, An upper bound on the number of independent sets in a tree

R-2004-33 Lars Døvling Andersen, Zsolt Tuza and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Largest non-unique subgraphs

R-2005-01 Ulrich Fahrenberg, Bisimulation for Higher-Dimensional Automata. A Geometric Interpretation.

R-2005-02 Anders Sune Pedersen, On Equality in Berge's Classical Bound for the Domination Number  

R-2005-03 Arne Jensen and Gheorghe Nenciu, The Fermi Golden Rule at Thresholds  

R-2005-04 Martin Raussen, Deadlocks and Dihomotopy in Mutual Exclusion Models  

R-2005-05 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Girth 5 graphs from relative difference sets  

R-2005-06 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, On a new boundedness result for pseudodifferential operators with exotic symbols  

R-2005-07 Kim Knudsen, The Calderón problem with partial data for less smooth conductivities  

R-2005-08 Leif Kjær Jørgensen and Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Extremal results for rooted minor problems  

R-2005-09 Anders Sune Pedersen and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, The number of independent sets in unicyclic graphs  

R-2005-10 Henning E. Andersen, On puncturing of codes from norm-trace curves  

R-2005-11 B.L. Hartnell and P.D. Vestergaard, Equipackable graphs  

R-2005-12 Anders Sune Pedersen, Domination and leaf density in graphs  

R-2005-13 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Non-symmetric 3-class association schemes  

R-2005-14 Lasse Borup and Morten Nielsen, Banach frames for multivariate α-modulation spaces.  

R-2005-15 Cristina Draghici, Inequalities for integral means over symmetric sets  

R-2005-16 P. Svante Eriksen, Decomposable log-linear models  

R-2005-17 H. Cornean, A. Jensen and V. Moldoveanu, The Landauer-Büttiker formula and resonant quantum transport  

R-2005-18 Leif Kjær Jørgensen, Rank of adjacency matrices of directed (strongly) regular graphs

R-2005-19 Rasmus Waagepetersen, A simulation-based goodness-of-fit test for random effects in generalized linear mixed models

R-2005-20 Jesper Møller and Giovanni Luca Torrisi, Second order analysis for spatial Hawkes processes  

R-2005-21 Claus Dethlefsen and Søren Lundbye-Christensen, Formulating state space models in R with focus on longitudinal regression models  

R-2005-22 Susanne G. Bøttcher, Learning conditional Gaussian networks

R-2005-23 Susanne G. Bøttcher, Learning dynamic Bayesian networks with mixed variables

R-2005-24 Horia D. Cornean, Gheorghe Nenciu and Thomas G. Pedersen, The Faraday effect revisited: General theory

R-2005-25 Mekkia Kouider and Preben Dahl Vestergaard, Connected factors in graphs - a survey  

R-2005-26 Martin Bøgsted Hansen, Nonparametric estimation of the stationary M/G/1 workload distribution function  

R-2005-27 Jon Johnsen and Winfried Sickel, A direct proof of Sobolev embeddings for Triebel-Lizorkin spaces, including mixed norms and quasi-homogeneity  

R-2005-28 Martin B. Hansen and Susan M. Pitts, Nonparametric inference from the M/G/1 workload  

R-2005-29 Peter McCullagh and Jesper Møller, The permanent process  

R-2005-30 Rasmus Plenge Waagepetersen, An estimating function approach to inference for inhomogeneous Neyman-Scott processes  

R-2005-31 Cristina Draghici, An inequality of rearrangements on the unit circle  

R-2005-32 Kim Emil Andersen and Malene Højbjerre, Reconstructing the insulin secretion rate by Bayesian deconvolution of phase-type densities  

R-2005-33 Olav Geil and Christian Thommesen, On the Feng-Rao bound for generalized Hamming weights  

R-2005-34 Arne Jensen and Gheorghe Nenciu, Schrödinger operators on the half line: Resolvent expansions and the Fermi Golden Rule at thresholds  

R-2005-35 Kim Emil Andersen and Malene Højbjerre, A Bayesian approach to estimating the prehepatic insulin secretion rate