Ph.d. serien

The reports in this series are slightly revised versions of the thesis submitted and defended by the PhD student. ISSN 1601-8346

PhD Report No. 1 - 2002
Kim Emil Andersen, Statistical Perspectives on Inverse Problems

PhD Report No. 2 - 2002
Ole Fredslund Christensen, Methodology and applications in non-linear model-based geostatistics.

PhD Report No. 3 - 2002
Claus Dethlefsen, Space Time Problems and Applications

PhD Report No. 4 - 2002
Malene Højbjerre, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Directed Graphical Models

PhD Report No. 5 - 2002
Kim Knudsen, On the Inverse Conductivity Problem

PhD Report No. 6 - 2002
Lasse Borup, Wavelet-type Expansions

PhD Report No. 7 - 2002
Frede Aakmann Tøgersen, Applications of Spatial Statistics in Image Analysis and Agricultural Sciences

PhD Report No. 8 - 2002
Steen Møller, Reconstruction Methods for Inverse Problems

PhD Report - January 2003
Charlotte Krog Skott, Faglige potentielle medlæringer i universiteternes matematikundervisning
Not available electronically

PhD Report No. 10 - 2003
Kasper Klitgaard Berthelsen, Computer Intensive Methods &  Spatial Statistics
with an emphasis on perfect simulation and spatial point processes

PhD Report No. 11 - 2004
Susanne Gammelgaard Bøttcher, Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables

PhD Report No. 12 - 2005
Henning E. Andersen, Codes from Order Domains

PhD Report No. 13 - 2006
Ulrich Fahrenberg, Higher-dimensional automata from a topological viewpoint

PhD Report No. 14 - 2006
Jakob Gulddahl Rasmussen, Aspects of Temporal and Spatio-tempral Processes

PhD Report No. 15 - 2006
Rafal Wisniewski, Flow lines under perturbation within section cones

PhD Report No. 16 - 2006
John Josef Leth, Morse-Smale Functions and the Space of Height-parameterized Flow Lines

PhD Report No. 17 - 2008
Allan Frendrup, Aspects of Domination Theory

PhD Report No. 18 - 2010
Ege Rubak, Likelihood Based Inference and Diagnostics for Spatial Data Models

PhD Report No. 19 - 2010
Torben Tvedebrink, Statistical Aspects of Forensic Genetics

PhD Report No. 19 (error, s.b. 20) - 2011
Anders Gorst-Rasmussen, Some Statistical Models for High-Dimensional Data

PhD Report No. 21 - 2012
C. Robert Jacobsen, Digital Painting Analysis: Authentication and Artistic Style from Digital Reproductions

PhD Report No. 22 - 2012
Kenneth Niemann Rasmussen: On the Construction of Flexible Frames and Bases for Decomposition Spaces

PhD Report No. 23 - 2013
Ann-Eva Christensen: On Parabolic Final Value Problems

PhD Report No. 24 - 2013
Sabrina Munch Hansen: On Parabolic Boundary Problems treated in Mixed-Norm Lizorkin-Triebel Spaces

PhD Report No. 25 - 2014
Mikkel Meyer Andersen: Forensic Statistics of Lineage DNA Markers

PhD Report No. 26 - 2014
Anita Abildgaard Sillasen: Digraphs of small defect or excess

PhD Report No. 27 - 2014
Mohammad Ghorbani: Aspects of Space-Time Point Processes Modelling and Inference

PhD Report No. 28 - 2014
Mikkel Haggren Brynildsen: Topics in rigorous solid state physics.
A study of optical properties of graphene-like crystals in a uniform magnetic field

PhD Report No. 29 - 2014
Stefano Martin:  Applications of the Footprint and the Feng-Rao Bounds