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Eksterne samarbejdspartnere

Eksterne samarbejdspartnere

Malene Højbjerre
Manager, Biostatistics, Novo Nordisk A/S

As a biostatistician in Novo Nordisk A/S you are a very important part of bringing the idea of a new drug candidate found in the laboratory, through the clinical development, into the market with the goal of bringing safer and more efficient products to the patients world-wide. As a statistician in the pharma industry the health authorities requires that you have qualifications corresponding to a Master of Science in statistics. Candidates from Aalborg University are highly valued due to their fundamental statistical theoretical skills and their problem-based learning approach. They are used to work jointly in project teams  with real world problems and data. Highly valuable qualifications that the industry definitely can benefit from.

Niels Morling
Professor of forensic genetics at the universities of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Tromsoe, Norway
Director of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

The collaboration between the mathematicians/statisticians in Aalborg and the forensic geneticists in Copenhagen were initiated by the professors Steffen Lauritzen and Niels Morling approximately 10 years ago. The most important scientific challenge at that time was the estimate of the weight of evidence under various hypotheses in crime cases, where DNA profiles from the scene of crime is compared to the DNA profile(s) of one or more individuals. A number of projects concerning modelling of the DNA results under various conditions have since then been completed and have resulted in a number of bachelor and master thesis, two PhD theses, and approximately 25 scientific articles published in high profile forensic and population genetic journals as well as statistical journals like the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Some of the publications are now standard publications within the field of forensic genetics, as e.g. the model for estimation of the crucial allelic drop-out risk (Tvedebrink et al. FSI: Genetics 2009; 3: 222–226) and the model for estimation of the probability of Y-chromosome STR haplotype frequencies (Andersen et al. J Theoretical Biology 2013; 329: 39-51) in forensic genetics.

The colleagues from AAU have generously participated in the teaching of Danish and international forensic geneticists, and they are highly estimated contributors at international forensic genetic congresses.

Our collaboration is facilitated by our frequent meetings, including the yearly winter meetings at Klitgaarden in Skagen, where we all have a wonderful time by working hard to survive from the cold. The collaboration is also characterised by generous practical statistical help from the colleagues in Aalborg to the students and co-workers in Copenhagen. It is a pleasure to feel the friendly atmosphere at our meetings, and to witness that the young people are building strong scientific and personal relationships.