We work with applied and fundamental aspects of mathematical disciplines. We regard the synergy between the two aspects as crucial for the future developments of mathematical areas at an international level.

Application areas include communication theory, physics and nano technology, computer science, data protection, economics, biogeography, forensic genetics, psychology, life sciences and the health area.

Mathematical disciplines being studied include areas like mathematical analysis, mathematical physics, topology, geometry, coding theory, information theory, probability theory, statistics, econometrics, biostatistics, Bayesian statistics, simulation methods.


The department is organized in the sections:

Research evaluation

The most recent research evaluation covers the period 2000-2010. 


  • Go to AAU's research portal VBN and search for publications.
  • Preprints have been published in ArXiv since 2015.
  • Prior to 2015, preprints etc. have been published in the departments Research Report Series. From 2000 to 2015 all preprints are available; from 1997 to 2000 almost all preprints are available.
  • Ph.d. students can have their dissertation published in our PhD Report Series.